Familylab bērnudārziem

Familylab bērnudārziem

Bērns, kurš aug pieredzot, ka viņu ņem nopietni, attiecas ar cieņu; bērns, kurš mācās uzticēties vecāku un citu pieaugušo viedumam un pieredzei, kļūs par veselīgu bērnu ar brīvu pieeju savam centram un esencei, kā arī pašdisciplīnai.

Īsumā: maz ticams, ka šāds bērns kļūs par upuri jebkuram vai jebkam.

Familylab piedāvā iedvesmas seminārus, lekcijas un darba grupas bērnudārzu personālam.

“Do they also need us to say “No!”? Perhaps the question is formulated incorrectly. The reality is that children need their parents’ authentic closeness. They need to live with and learn from people of flesh and blood. There are still people who subscribe to a rather outdated expression about defiant children—that they are testing the limits or looking for boundaries. This always happens in relationships where the adult tries to act in ways they think parents should behave. This applies to teachers and others who are part of the child’s life. It is my experience that children have a different objective—to explore whether there is a person behind the role. What they are really doing is challenging our ability and willingness to be authentic, attentive and credible.” 

/Jesper Juul "Family life: The most important values for living together and raising children" /